I am having the exact opposite problem that I had last week. Last week, I was having a really hard time coming up with an idea, and I was swamped with homework and activities, and sooner than I realized it was 3 o’clock on Friday and I didn’t have a blog to post. I ended up posting a poem that I’d written earlier in the year, but it was definitely a cop-out. 
This week, there’s so much I could write about! Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar, I want to talk about that! I got to see again one of the speakers from HOBY, and we had a great time talking about passions and catching up, I could talk about that! I could talk about independence, about ideas. I could talk about rude people and how rude they are. (Maybe not a topic for this week.) I could talk about my friend MaKayla, and how she’s a HERO because she is sharing her Netflix free trial with me. I could talk about the shows I’ve finished recently, and how awesome they were. I could talk about Super Tuesday, and the Primaries. There’s too much!

I guess this is the struggle of having a blog. Some weeks you’ll have no ideas, other weeks you’ll have too many. The trick is figuring out how to distribute your ideas so that when you don’t have a spectacular experience that makes you go “I’m gonna blog about that!” you have some ideas on the back burner to draw from.

So what am I going to write about this week? Well, I think I’m going to tell you about my HOBY friend.

HOBY stands for “Hugh O’Brien Youth”, and it is a leadership conference that takes place all over the country for high school sophomores. Two students are selected from each participated school to go to their states’ HOBY. I was one of those sophomores, heading to Northwood University one weekend in May with no idea what to expect. It ended up being amazing. No one ever really gets HOBY unless they’ve been there, and I don’t have enough words to describe it, but it was Outstanding. Let’s just say that.

One of the defining features of HOBY is that it exposes you to many different motivational speakers, with ideals and opportunities and encouragement that’s helpful for young minds. One of those speakers was Lamarr Womble, a life coach from New York who runs an organization called Passion For Leadership, or P4L. When he gave his talk at HOBY, he talked about passions and fashions, and I knew that I had to tell him about the organization that I worked with, called Pure Passion for Fashion, or P2. We exchanged emails, and a flash forward about 10 months, he’s the guest speaker at P2’s big show this year. It was so good to catch up with him, and the message he preaches hit me once again.

He says that there is no excuse not to be following your passion. He even mentioned that if you love to write, use WordPress, which made me happy, because, well, if you haven’t realized yet, WordPress is this website. He also mentioned that there is no reason that you can’t do all of the things you love, which gave me a bit of a boost. I refer back to one of my first blog posts, “When I Grow Up…”, I have a lot of things I really like to do. The thought that I could potentially do all of them is really exciting. I mean, there is nothing stopping me from doing what I want to do right now. That is a very freeing idea.

Lamarr is such a cool dude, super relatable and kind and so accepting of young people’s trends and changes. He believes in the evolution of the world and entertainment, and he is doing what he wants to do, and I think that’s really OUTSTANDING.

But anyway. This has been pretty interesting. I’ll see you next week!

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