That Thing We Don’t Talk About


March Madness is upon us. And I’m not talking about the basketball games. (Although while we’re on the topic-number 5 seeds, what the heck?! You’re ruining my bracket!)

No, I’m talking about the wild primaries we’ve been having this election season.

Okay, I’ve been hesitating to talk about politics for a while now, simply because it’s a charged topic, and we have such a nice thing going here, I didn’t want to ruin it. They say that the two things you shouldn’t talk about with friends are religion and politics; I’m here to break that rule.

Donald Trump has been smashing in the primaries. This boggles my mind. It seems as if every single person of influence is shouting to the people of America–”Don’t vote for this man.” But still the orange-faced man remains the leader of the polls.

Now, I’m not going to shame anyone on their beliefs. I don’t want to be attacked for my peaceful protest. But I do have a hard time understanding why people vote for Trump. Some have tried to explain it to me, bringing up what they consider “good” points as to why he should be our next president. If you don’t mind, I’d like to list some of them, and my refutes to them, and let you decide.

The first and probably most skewed praise for Trump is that he “speaks his mind”. This is claimed to be the explanation as to why he comes off as racist, sexist, and downright rude. Trump doesn’t seem to believe in political correctness, something Obama was heavily criticized for using “too much.” But can you imagine handling foreign policy without the use of political correctness? All of the trigger happy countries with fragile economies don’t need a loudmouth calling them derogatory names, the state of the world can’t handle that. And his tendency to “speak his mind” should even be a sign that you should not vote for him. Most people try to hide their flawed thinking, but Trump wears it on his sleeve. You know what you’re getting if you elect him! Why would you elect someone that you know is not presidential material? He speaks his mind, but if his mind is rotten, is it really a good thing?

Donald Trump doesn’t have any political experience. Some consider this a good thing, because, and I quote, “he hasn’t been corrupted by politics yet”. I find this to be completely ridiculous. If we can’t trust our political system, what can we trust in this world? Politicians can be corrupt, but to believe the system is corrupted is to not believe in our country. And OF COURSE he needs to have political experience–can you imagine jumping into a basketball game when you’ve played baseball your whole life? Trump will lean on his team–his advisors that he appointed–and he won’t know who to appoint because he has no experience in how the system works! He’s been endorsed by people like Chris Christie and Sarah Palin; the jokes of our system. America hates these people, but they don’t hate Trump? It doesn’t make sense.

Probably the only other main point of Trump supporters is that he cares about our country. Shocker. If he didn’t care about our country, he wouldn’t be running. But that doesn’t mean he should be president. “He cares about defending us from terrorists”–SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. But building a wall is not going to solve the immigration issue, and inciting violence is not going to make peace, and having no gun control is not going to stop gun violence, and denying climate change is not going to make it go away, and the size of your hands is not going to get you the Oval Office, Mr. Trump.

I don’t understand. I don’t understand how people think these ideas are good ideas. I don’t understand how this man could get the Republican nomination. Someone please explain. If it was my decision, I’d be removing this man from the race in general.

But what do I know? I’m not even old enough to vote, anyway.


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