Trying: the First Step to Succeeding


This week I was going to write a scathing review of a musical I saw last Friday. It was probably going to make a few people laugh, but it would not have been a very nice thing to put out in the world. (Well-written, though.) But at Mass this Sunday some things happened, and combined with my priest’s powerful preaching, I decided to blog about something else. Love.  Continue reading


I Don’t Love You More


When I got my ACT results the first time, I sort of knew that I was going to take it again. I had gone in basically blind, with maybe a few test-taking techniques stored in my brain from a 2-day prep session I went to a few weeks prior. I didn’t do any cramming or studying. I just wanted to see where the base was for me, and go from there. I didn’t expect to get a 32. It just kind of happened.  Continue reading

17 Facts You May Not Know About Me


I celebrated the seventeenth anniversary of my birth this Wednesday, and it got me thinking about things that some people might not really know about me. Things that don’t come up in regular conversation. And since I recently turned 17, here are 17 facts about me that you may not know.

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19 Lessons I Want To Teach my Daughter Before She Has to Learn Them



One. First impressions are important, so even if your world is crumbling, a smile can perhaps fix someone else’s. Two. If you have to choose between the two, it’s much better to overdress than underdress, because it’s easier to explain wanting to look your best than to explain not thinking someone is worth the time.  Continue reading