19 Lessons I Want To Teach my Daughter Before She Has to Learn Them



One. First impressions are important, so even if your world is crumbling, a smile can perhaps fix someone else’s. Two. If you have to choose between the two, it’s much better to overdress than underdress, because it’s easier to explain wanting to look your best than to explain not thinking someone is worth the time. 

Three. If a person does not accept when you say no, then they don’t deserve to hear you say yes.

Four. Being ‘good’ at something does not mean doing it well, it means doing it to make yourself feel better.

Five. Remember that the beauty of the stars and the trees and the rivers and the streams is nothing compared to to the beauty you have inside you.

Six. Laughing for fifteen minutes can burn up to 40 calories, so live happy with yourself and you’ll never have to work to be happy with yourself.

Seven. Swear only if you need to, because the violent connotation that comes with those words is lost if it’s brought up often, so if you want swearing to matter, only swear when it does.

Eight. Never, ever, underestimate yourself because there’s a reason the word “dedication” starts with “dead” and it’s because you can work yourself six feet underground to achieve your goal.

Nine. I love you.

Ten. Friendships are supposed to be sailed together, otherwise they sink with the weight that’s put on one of your shipmates’ shoulders.

Eleven. You can’t dwell on what’s in the past. Whining doesn’t rewind the clock.

Twelve. It’s okay to be sad, and heartbroken, and frustrated, and angry, and feel like there is no need for you to get up in the morning. As long as you do get up in the morning, no matter what you’re feeling, the day will turn to night and the night will turn to day and the day will turn to night and the night will turn to day to night to day to night to day until the tide will turn back in your favor.

Thirteen. Never, ever, ever, be afraid to try new foods.

Fourteen. Never generalize when referring to multiple people, because that’s how people get offended.

Fifteen. It’s always scariest at the top of the roller coaster, the edge of the cliff, the bottom of the mountain.

Sixteen. Trying your hardest is the most fulfilling thing you can do in any situation.

Seventeen. Being a mom is more difficult than any test you will take, more painful than any tear you shed, more frustrating than any task you attempt, and more tiring than your most sleepless night. Whatever you feel, I’m feeling twice as much.

Eighteen. Always say what you feel. Never, ever, ever withhold your emotions on account of someone else. You are the most important person in your life.

Nineteen. You’re the most important person in my life too.


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