17 Facts You May Not Know About Me


I celebrated the seventeenth anniversary of my birth this Wednesday, and it got me thinking about things that some people might not really know about me. Things that don’t come up in regular conversation. And since I recently turned 17, here are 17 facts about me that you may not know.

1. I didn’t always have curly brown hair. If you’ve gotten to know me in the past few years, you may not know that my hair was not always the mess of frizzy curls it is now, but was actually blonde when I was very little, and straight until about 8th grade. It was then that I got my hair cut short and the curls started springing up.

2. The first word I ever wrote was ‘cat’. I didn’t know how to read or write, but we had this Disney Princess computer game where I could make The Little Mermaid bookmarks. The bookmarks could only fit three letters, and I used to just pick three random letters. Well, one day I made one and I gave it to one of my parents (I don’t remember which one), and they flipped out. They explained what the letters meant, and from that day on I was obsessed with writing that word. I think I wrote it many more times, on paper and basically everywhere else.

3. I like opera music. Granted, it is the most recent genre I’ve gotten in to, but I really like what I hear. It’s beautiful music and the singers are so emotional. How can I be moved to tears by something in a language I don’t understand? But it’s very cool, very soothing. Whatever I’m doing, when I listen to it, I feel like I’m doing something beautiful.

4. I totally believe in aliens. It seems so ridiculous to believe that in an ever expanding universe, we would be the only ones. We are a speck of a speck of a speck. We’re not that special, on a grand scheme. I believe it is completely plausible that there are other advanced, sentient beings out there.

5. My favorite thing to photograph is rose-colored clouds. When the sun is rising or setting, sometimes the clouds turn a pink-ish color. I think that is just so pretty. I could take pictures of that all day. When that happens, I know I need to get out my camera.

6. My favorite colors are pastel purple, mint green, and red. I alternate between saying a different one each time someone asks me. They don’t really go together as a combination, but on their own I think they are individually pretty.

7. My thirteenth birthday was on Friday the 13th. Not much to say about this one. Spooky, huh?

8. I worked in a haunted house. My best friend’s dad owns a local haunted house, and for one weekend two years ago I worked in one of the attractions. Scaring people, popping out-my friend and I had a tag team thing going on. That was so so so much fun. I would totally do it again if I could.

9. I love sports. Like, hardcore. I totally love sports. Baseball, basketball, football, golf, volleyball, soccer. I love watching sports documentaries, going to games, watching games on TV, I even like playing a few. I think people need sports, we need something to root for. Something to throw our energy to. There’s a brotherhood with all the fans, and a deep relationship with the fans and the players. There’s so much respect; I really enjoy that.

10. My cat’s name is Cookie Dough. This is specifically because she has orange-brown, black, and white markings, which makes her look like cookie dough ice cream. My mom came up with the name, and I accepted it because I happen to love cookie dough ice cream. Now I love Cookie Dough the cat.

11. I don’t like shoe shopping. I feel like every time I need new shoes, I go to the store and I don’t see anything I like, or if I do see something I really like they’re like $100. Plus, no matter what shoes I buy, I’ll still wear the exact same shoes I had before until they have holes in the bottoms.

12. This is a new development, so bear with me: I think I’m a Hufflepuff. The first time I took the quiz on Pottermore, I got Hufflepuff and I was really mad. I made a different account and took it again, trying to choose the answers that would put me in Ravenclaw. I think I wanted to be smart, and be seen as smart, so Ravenclaw was the house for me. But I think deep down, Hufflepuff aligns more with my inner values. But is it too late to switch houses?

13. I’ve been published-and there was a typo. In my freshmen year I wrote an article about the liturgical season of Lent, and they published it in a Catholic magazine in the area. I believe it was a their/there error, and I despise this. I know the difference!!! It was a momentary lapse of judgment, I swear.

14. My favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. I relate to every single one of the characters so much, and I think it really highlights how difficult it is to be a teenager. It’s really funny but also really real, and I do cry during the movie. Which is not weird.

15. I have 208 notes on my iPad. That’s a lot of notes! Not all of them are super profound pieces of writing (like this one), some are drawings or notes for class, some are sayings or titles I want to remember. I’m sure many of them are just one sentence of something that I started to write and then changed my mind. Hopefully one day I’ll finish all my thoughts.

16. My birthday is the same day as Thomas Jefferson’s. If you’re a history nerd or T-Jeff enthusiast, you may have noticed, but otherwise this fact goes over people’s heads. I was certainly confused when I went to visit Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s estate, and saw on his grave that he was born April 2nd. That’s not my birthday! But when the calendar changed, his birthday moved to April 13th, which is the day I was also born. Some might say this doesn’t actually count, but think of it this way: if the calendar hadn’t changed, I would’ve been born on April 2nd. We’d still have been born on the same day.

17. I draw all over myself. With pens. Not like temporary tattoos, the ink washes off as soon as I hop in the shower, but just random doodles or quotes and such. There’s no real purpose. It’s just more liberating I guess to draw on myself rather than on paper. My parents HATE this, they think I’m going to get ink poisoning. However, I assure you, ink poisoning comes from ingesting ink. I can write on myself all I want. As long as I don’t chug a ballpoint pen, I’ll be fine.

Well there you go! Hopefully you all know a little bit more about me. Here’s to another great 365 days of life.


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