A Letter from Abby



This was a school assignment in which we had to write a letter in the same way that St. Paul would write letters in the New Testament. I was pretty proud of mine, and decided it should be my blog post this week. Enjoy!

To all those who fight for the rights of others, Continue reading


May Blues


I think May is just a hard month to get through. It starts off with AP testing, a hellish two weeks in which you resign yourself to studying for 72 hours straight in order to pass or accept your failure and cry all the way through the four hour exam. I had three of these wonderful experiences, and let me just say it is not worth missing school. Continue reading

An Open Letter to my Eternal Love



My dearest beloved,

I think you know how I feel about you. I say it every time I’m with you, and I think it even when I am not. But this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t say it again, and publicly this time.  Continue reading