May Blues


I think May is just a hard month to get through. It starts off with AP testing, a hellish two weeks in which you resign yourself to studying for 72 hours straight in order to pass or accept your failure and cry all the way through the four hour exam. I had three of these wonderful experiences, and let me just say it is not worth missing school. And now, the classes are basically over, so all of the teachers give us an end of the year project and a week or so to work on it. Now, for three hours of the day everyday, I basically have a study hall. It seems nice, but it’s also kind of boring, as no one is motivating you to do your projects because they’re all due in a week and a week is plenty of time, of course, and there are so many games to play and articles to read that life gets pretty monochrome these days.

I feel like my mood this week has basically just been “doesn’t anyone have anything better to do?” The kids in my homeroom are shallow and self-centered, not worried about money or responsibilities or the world or grades, and I could name my thoughts as to why, but at the risk of sounding hypocritical I’ll keep my opinions to myself. However, prepare for some harsh words on the reporting news of American pop culture.

I think every time Buzzfeed tries to act like an actual news source it all just fails miserably. Obviously they can’t report real news, since being serious about anything at all doesn’t fit their M.O., so they find nothing and make it something. For example, Snapchat has this filter (my personal favorite), which gives you a little flower crown and lightens the picture when you take a selfie. All over Twitter, people decided to get all angry and up-in-arms about how this filter is “white-washing” people. Now I don’t want to discount the fight against racism in this modern day and the civil rights movement, etc., but come on. It’s a filter on Snapchat. It’s not killing anyone. It’s cute. It doesn’t white-wash the person, it lightens the picture. But many people were genuinely upset about this made-up issue. I think people just need something to be mad about these days.

Maybe two days later, Buzzfeed published another article, this time pointing out social media’s lack of love for Blake Lively. People were tweeting about losing all of their respect for her, about how she is what is wrong with the world, etc. But what did she do to deserve this backlash? She posted a picture on Instagram. It was a very nice picture of her; she was on the red carpet, and she had made a picture collage of one picture of her face and one picture of her from behind. This doesn’t sound so bad, right? I didn’t think so. Her caption was a song lyric from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s iconic single “Baby Got Back”. Now, I quote songs for captions all the time, it’s not a strange thing to do. But oh no, Blake Lively was in for it. Apparently, “Baby Got Back” lyrics are officially off-limits for anyone not of color, as Blake Lively was claimed of stealing compliments from women of color and of single-handedly leading the charge to destroy black culture in the modern day.

Are you kidding me?

As Kourtney Kardashian so famously said to her panicked sister when she lost her diamond earring, “Kim, there are people that are dying”. Don’t we have anything better to do than to look for things to be mad about? It’s like no one can enjoy anything without being called basic, or hipster, or nerd, or ignorant, or racist, or sexist, or something even worse. Can’t we all just take a chill pill?

Who needs the Common App Essay when you could be climbing a tree? Who needs a 12-minute physics presentation when you could be smelling some flowers? Who needs service essays and college applications and parabolic mirrors and graduation and growing up when coffee is a thing that exists and it smells so good? 

I have the May Blues, and I blame myself. Because I am a poet. And poets feel everything, but damn if we don’t feel it beautifully.


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