A Letter from Abby



This was a school assignment in which we had to write a letter in the same way that St. Paul would write letters in the New Testament. I was pretty proud of mine, and decided it should be my blog post this week. Enjoy!

To all those who fight for the rights of others,
Greetings, my friends. I am Abby Jaroszewicz, scholar of West Catholic High School.
I commend your efforts in fighting the grain of immorality and apathy, for it is the work of Jesus Christ that you absolve yourself to. I am thankful for your dedication and zeal in gaining acceptance for all people, to knock down the clutches of sin around society’s collective soul. Groups like Black Lives Matter, people like Harvey Milk, and socially conscious individuals, especially the youth, are the ones that will instigate change and drive forward the ideals that embody the one true commandment of God; to love your neighbor as yourself. I am grateful for your enlightenment and your courage in pushing us all to be better exemplars of the love of God.

However, I implore you not to push us farther than we need be. For there is a fine line between bringing up those who are persecuted and bringing down those who are similar to those doing the persecuting. Do not attack innocent white people while attempting to encourage minority races. While these people have been wronged in the past, turning on the accuser is not stopping the cycle. When trying to improve the treatment of homosexual and transgender individuals, do not turn on those who are comfortable in the gender and sexuality. We were born this way, just as you were born that way. There is no reason to do to us what you are trying to stop us from doing to you. When striving for equal rights for women, do not rebuke all men in the world. They deserve as much of a chance to do the right thing as women do. Whenever one brings down one of these demographics in the name of promoting self-worth and love of all humans, they are being hypocritical in the name of God. There is a right way and a wrong way to justice and acceptance, and bringing one person down to bring another up is the wrong way. Civil Rights is not an elevator. The goal is not for one to go up and the other to go down, but for all to go up. Every person wants to be loved and welcomed by society.

In addition, do not fight battles where there is no quarrel. It is commendable to search for justice in every situation, but do not take up arms over something not meant to start a war. It is a waste of your time and energy, and does not help to credit your cause. When you are so deep in the fight against the machine, it can be difficult to remember that the entire world is not rebelling against you. But believe me when I say to you, sometimes a comment is just a comment, sometimes a post is just a post, sometimes people say something just to say something. You are not alone in your fight. You may find that there are more sympathizers of your cause than there are criticizers. You must choose your battles when your opponent is such a monstrous, powerful ideal. Do not dispense your energy on the molehills when you are climbing mountains. Your struggle is great, and you must focus on your obvious targets, not the invisible hoaxes. You fight with dignity, and you fight bravely, but you must not be skewed.

Goodbye for now, my dear friends. I hope this message finds you well. I pray that you continue recognizing and seeking the God-given value of life. May God guide you in all of your endeavors, and may you bring peace in the world and love into the hearts of everyone you meet.


One thought on “A Letter from Abby

  1. Oh. My. Word! This is wonderful. I alway thought you were gifted…but this is more than gifted. I am so amazed. Thank you for sharing this marvelous work. Just wow.


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