Thoughts from 30,000 Feet



This morning I am flying on my own from Grand Rapids all the way across the country to Anaheim, California, for what I hope will be the greatest time of my life. I have never flown alone before, but my well-traveled parents made sure all of my bases were covered. However, I still have some thoughts about my experience so far (though albeit I am writing this during my layover in Minneapolis).

Thought One. This might be a given, but I truly think that I was meant to do this. To go on this trip. And if I had any doubts, this morning there was a beautiful sunrise. And there were rose colored clouds. If anyone recalls from my ’17 Facts You Might Not Know About Me’ blog post, those are my favorite clouds. It was such a friendly sight to see this morning, running on coffee and pure adrenaline. I decided to take this as a sign, and a good one at that.

Thought Two. I guess it’s weird to be traveling alone at 17 years old. When I went through security, the guy that was checking my ID asked how old I was, I answered 17, and he went “Wow. Okay.” ?????????? How am I supposed to take that? Did he not believe me? Did he think I looked older? Younger? I don’t know. It was weird.

Thought Three. This occurred to me mid flight as I looked out the window-“Oh yeah, Lake Michigan.” I’d completely forgotten I was flying over a massive lake! Imagine my surprise as I peeked out the window expecting trees and houses, only to be greeted by a giant reflection! It looked like the plane was flying upside down, honestly. For someone who thought they had everything covered, this was a pretty obvious fact to miss.

Thought Four. A 24 song playlist is the perfect length for a flight from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis. It ended just as we taxied into our arrival gate. So perfect. Also, a side thought-music is a great distraction for the occasional anxiety over turbulence.

Thought Five. Things can change. Even as I’m writing this, my flight got delayed and I had to move to a different gate. It’s not delayed a terribly long time-twenty minutes, maybe. But still. I guess you can’t get too comfortable, since things are always subject to change.

Final Thought. Anyone can travel. It is really quite simple once you’re doing it. I look around the airport and there are children, business people with briefcases, athletes, average joes, retirees, everyone. I was nervous going into this, but I’ve found that I can handle myself alright. As long as you’re flexible and patient and listen to directions, you’ll be fine.

I’m going to have a great time. I’m deciding to right now.


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