Do you remember when you were younger, and you’d screw something up?  You’d break a candle, or draw on the wall with marker, or pull a thread out of your sweater until it unravels.  Do you remember the look on your mom’s face?  The way her eyes would be hard, with no glints of pleasure.  She was disappointed.  And though she still loved you, she was not proud of you in that moment.   Continue reading

Silent Defiance


It’s called proving them wrong.  In our American history, it’s quintessential to our core values.

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew that.  He was a preacher of peaceful protests, of silent defiance.  Of not sticking it to the man but rather proving that they are just as capable.  And on this day that we observe in MLK’s honor, I’d like to acknowledge a few things.   Continue reading