A Study in Remembrance


I’ve been thinking about funerals.  Funerals and death.

My great aunt died earlier this week.  We weren’t very close; I loved her because she always sent me a ten-dollar bill on my birthday, and she called me beautiful when I didn’t think I was. I knew her for only a fraction of her life, only as my elderly aunt with big glasses.

The younger generation is cheated in that way.  Continue reading

Losing and Gaining Wisdom


I was really scared today.  Today was the day that I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed.  My rational (in my opinion) fear of pain was flaring almost as much as my potentially crippling fear of the unknown.  All I could remember was an episode of Victorious from my childhood, in which one on the characters, Trina, had her wisdom teeth taken out.  A semi-sociopathic character at best, Trina went insane with pain and silliness for, like, three days, and that low-key scarred me for life.   Continue reading