Losing and Gaining Wisdom


I was really scared today.  Today was the day that I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed.  My rational (in my opinion) fear of pain was flaring almost as much as my potentially crippling fear of the unknown.  All I could remember was an episode of Victorious from my childhood, in which one on the characters, Trina, had her wisdom teeth taken out.  A semi-sociopathic character at best, Trina went insane with pain and silliness for, like, three days, and that low-key scarred me for life.  

My appointment was at noon.  I had a light brunch, brushed my teeth really well, had a serious talk with my mom about turning me into a viral video (spoilers: she won’t be), and then we headed off to Great Lakes Dental Care.  I’d never been under the influence of laughing gas before, so I didn’t do too much laughing.  Laughing gas doesn’t really make you giggly and goofy, it just kind of relaxes you.

The dentist also numbed me up pretty good, and it was very strange not feeling anything in my lower jaw.  Seriously, when I touched my chin it felt like I was touching a cadaver or something-that’s the realistic mannequin they use in movies to play a dead person.

When the operation began, I literally couldn’t feel anything.  There was no pain.  I could feel what they were doing, except it didn’t hurt.  AT ALL.  I had nothing to be afraid of!  The dentists were very nice, and my mom and I were home in an hour and a half.

I lost my wisdom teeth, but I gained some wisdom.  I had been so scared of this procedure, but now I know.  It was completely simple and easy.  And, now my mouth is in a little bit of pain, but that’s alright.  At least now I know what to expect.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so scared of the things I can’t control.

Now, I’m gonna go have a big bowl of ice cream.  I think that’s enough wisdom for today.

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