What Democracy Looks Like


I talk a big talk.  I’m all about social activism, about taking a stand, fighting for what’s right.  I’ve formulated a lot of strong opinions on certain issues, opinions many of my friends and neighbors may not agree with.  This doesn’t bother me.  But, being still a teenager, I haven’t had hardly any opportunities to walk the walk.  My money has not yet been put where my mouth is, so to speak.

That is, until a few days ago.   Continue reading

Something Old, Something New


Home of the World Series Champions, the Windy City, My Kind of Town.

I’ve spent the weekend in Chicago, possibly my favorite city in the entire world. But, I haven’t gone nearly as many places as I should, so don’t take my world as gospel. ┬áIt’s been a weekend of experiences, difficult to find a dull moment. Continue reading