Not My President, But Still The President


This morning, I woke up to two texts on my phone. One read, “Yay! Trump!” and the other read, “We’re doomed.” I didn’t have to look any further than that to know who had won the presidential election.  Continue reading


The Oval Office


The presidency.  What do you think of when you hear those words?  I think of respect, and regality.  I think of calmness, of nobility, of wisdom.  It is the highest form of office that a person in this country can obtain.  The president has eight official roles as leader of the country, the first six of them written specifically into the Constitution; let’s dissect them.   Continue reading



Today, inspired by John and Hank Green‘s Youtube videos, I want to talk about failure.

We all fail sometimes.  We all have things we wanted to do but never did, things we wanted to see but never saw, things we started but never finished.  The thing is that we don’t talk about our shortcomings, even though we all have them.  We want to present ourselves as perfect, but that just isn’t the case.  We shouldn’t act like it is.   Continue reading

Hamilton or Burr?


As many have probably heard, Lin-Manuel Miranda has enlightened millions of young adults and even teenagers to the gritty, emotional, hip-hop tale of Alexander Hamilton and our fine nation’s tumultuous beginnings.  His musical simply titled Hamilton has also opened my eyes to an age old struggle, it seems, that anyone living in the world has faced.

Allow me to give you some background in the context of the musical.  If you were hoping to avoid spoilers for the musical, well, your history teachers should take the blame.  It’s all in your textbooks.   Continue reading

Thoughts from 30,000 Feet



This morning I am flying on my own from Grand Rapids all the way across the country to Anaheim, California, for what I hope will be the greatest time of my life. I have never flown alone before, but my well-traveled parents made sure all of my bases were covered. However, I still have some thoughts about my experience so far (though albeit I am writing this during my layover in Minneapolis). Continue reading

Best Friends Forever


For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be around the people that are older than me. When I was younger, I loved hanging out with my parents’ friends. They’d ask if I wanted to go to a friend’s house, or have a babysitter, and I’d be like “NO!” I didn’t mind being the smallest in the room; I enjoyed it. Continue reading

May Blues


I think May is just a hard month to get through. It starts off with AP testing, a hellish two weeks in which you resign yourself to studying for 72 hours straight in order to pass or accept your failure and cry all the way through the four hour exam. I had three of these wonderful experiences, and let me just say it is not worth missing school. Continue reading