Things We Used to Share


I’ve been thinking about how much of me is made of other people.

There are phrases I’ve acquired, jokes I tell like they’re my own, even songs I sing because of friends that I’ve lost over the years.  This (blog? poem? word vomit?) is for those people.  You may not know it, but you’ll always be with me.   Continue reading

Double XL


Woman’s clothing sizes are a myth.  There is no universal scale, no measurements that always ring true.  Each store uses a different tape measure that always reaches a differing conclusion.  I have walked into a store wearing size 12 shorts, picked up a pair of size 12 shorts, tried them on, and found them to fit significantly snug on me.  To be “plus sized” isn’t real either; the average clothing size of an American woman is 16-18.  Not 6-10, like the selections at most stores would lead you to believe.  I’ve walked into mainstream stores in shopping malls that only carry up to a size 12. Continue reading

A Study in Remembrance


I’ve been thinking about funerals.  Funerals and death.

My great aunt died earlier this week.  We weren’t very close; I loved her because she always sent me a ten-dollar bill on my birthday, and she called me beautiful when I didn’t think I was. I knew her for only a fraction of her life, only as my elderly aunt with big glasses.

The younger generation is cheated in that way.  Continue reading

Losing and Gaining Wisdom


I was really scared today.  Today was the day that I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed.  My rational (in my opinion) fear of pain was flaring almost as much as my potentially crippling fear of the unknown.  All I could remember was an episode of Victorious from my childhood, in which one on the characters, Trina, had her wisdom teeth taken out.  A semi-sociopathic character at best, Trina went insane with pain and silliness for, like, three days, and that low-key scarred me for life.   Continue reading



Today, inspired by John and Hank Green‘s Youtube videos, I want to talk about failure.

We all fail sometimes.  We all have things we wanted to do but never did, things we wanted to see but never saw, things we started but never finished.  The thing is that we don’t talk about our shortcomings, even though we all have them.  We want to present ourselves as perfect, but that just isn’t the case.  We shouldn’t act like it is.   Continue reading

Fall Out… Boi



This week I attended what I’ve decided was the best concert I’ve ever gone to–Fall Out Boy. An Illinois based band fronted by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump, Fall Out Boy has released six albums of mostly all awesome music. I started falling in love with Fall Out Boy in between Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho, their two most recent albums, so around 2014. I peaked in my obsession in early 2015, when American Beauty/American Psycho came out. This album featured singles like “Centuries” and “Immortals”–those songs the radio overplayed all summer.  Continue reading